The Site in the 50’s


These images were gratefully supplied by Jill Trimble who lived opposite the studios in Gladstone Road.  They were taken Jill’s father around 1952. 

The photographs were originally taken on film stock and developed by Jill’s father in his dark room at home.

This is taken from the top of the Gasometer in Southall. It shows Queens Rd, Gladstone Rd and Hartington Rd.  The white long roof is that of the studios.

This is Barbara Thomas, right, who lived next door to Jill at 96 Queens Rd.  She was also in Southall’s film Child’s Play. Barbara and Jill are standing in Gladstone Road with the Studio behind them.

Jill concludes, ‘That is my bedroom window hiding behind the tree. I can’t believe these photos are nearly 60 years old.’